Kyrgyz State University named after Ishenaly Arabaev


Kyrgyz State University named after I.Arabaev is a state higher educational institution, which has the status of a legal entity and implements educational programs in the sphere of higher, postgraduate, secondary professional and additional general professional education.

The University carries out training, retraining and advanced training of personnel for scientific and educational institutions, government bodies, enterprises and organizations of various sectors of the national economy of Kyrgyzstan and other regions of the post-Soviet space, as well as for foreign countries.

Mission of Kyrgyz State University. Arabaeva

Mission of the future Pedagogical University of Kyrgyzstan-KSU them. I.Arabayeva is in the training, retraining of socially competent and professionally competent teachers. At the same time, the main priority of the University is the preparation of creative individuals based on a combination of the best pedagogical traditions and the achievement of world practice. Active use of innovative and information technologies in education. Preserving the traditions of the predecessors, the university performs with honor the role of the leading pedagogical university of the country, which determines the prospects for the formation of the creative potential of future teachers and the development of scientific and methodological innovations in their preparation.