Seminar “Taxation of the individual entrepreneurs”

Topic Taxation of the individual entrepreneurs
Title What the Taxation of the individual entrepreneurs’ means?
Sub-Title Detailed information on taxes
Target Group Founders or managers of small and medium enterprises
Trainer Rahat Bekboeva
Learning outcomes After this seminar you will be able to:

•      know differences between legal entity (Limited liability company) and individual entrepreneurs (IE);

•      right calculate the taxes that IE must pay;

•      define and analyze what part of the income they must give the state

Previous knowledge Basic knowledge in Taxation.
Description According to the legislation of the country every IE must pay taxes, for that you need to understand the essence of the taxes that IE must pay, you should right calculate it and pay it on time.
Content ·         Introduction

·         Define the previous knowledge

·         Information

·         Assignment 1

·         Feedback

·         Assignment 2

·         Feedback

·         Summary

Participants 10 max.
Duration 1 day
Location THE CACTLE at IUK, West Campus, room #203