Seminar “HR management – Effective recruitment” AKSU


Topic HR management
Title Effective recruitment
Sub-Title Recruitment and selection technology
Target Group Managers, supervisors or executives who are involved in the recruitment and selection process. Anyone who wants to feel confident and in control of selection interviews will benefit.
Trainer Erkin Momunov
Learning outcomes After attending this course, participants will be able to:

·         Prepare and conduct interviews;

·         Exactly understand the query;

·         Recognize the importance of adopting a structured recruitment process and the use of relevant selection methods;

·         Ask effective questions and accurately assess the candidate’s potential suitability for the role.

Previous knowledge Basic knowledge in management and HR – Management
Description This course is designed specifically for all those who are striving for professional development, career growth and wants to become a real “human resources manager”.

During the course on recruitment, the whole technology of the process is considered step by step. Technology of structured interviews, competency assessments, case methods.

Content ·         Systematic function of recruitment in the company.

·         Structure of the staff selection function.

·         The key competency model and the job description standard.

·         The methodology of personnel search is “internal” and “external” vectors of direction.

·         Resume analysis.

·         Interview.

·         Adaptation.

Participants 10 max.
Duration 1 day
Time 13.06.2018