Strategic marketing for AMT


Topic Strategic marketing for small businesses


Title Strategic marketing
Sub-Title How to develop marketing strategy for a small enterprise


Target Group Small business owners, top managers, marketing directors and managers


Trainer Artur Zotov


Learning outcomes –      Develop marketing strategy

–      Learn 7 key strategic questions

–      Develop unique marketing advantages


Previous knowledge Basics of marketing


Description This training will help you develop a marketing strategy for your business
Content –      Market research questions

–      Positioning

–      Branding

–      Mind control marketing

–      How to advertise well

–      How to sell well

–      How spread good word of mouth

Participants 10 max.
Duration 2 day
Time 2018-2019

309 room

12.09.2018 successfully passed the MASTER CLASS on the topic “Strategic Marketing” in the framework of the CACTLE ERASMUS + project at the KSU named after. I. Arabaeva for representatives of leading companies and entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan. MASTER CLASS is designed to improve entrepreneurial competencies in marketing, economics, business and management. Successful and the master of the business the trainer ZOTOV ARTUR VLADIMIROVICH has presented to participants of the master class on STRATEGIC MARKETING. The participants were interested in the main questions like:

–      Market research questions

–      Positioning

–      Branding

–      Mind control marketing

–      How to advertise well

–      How to sell well

     –    How spread good word of mouth

At the end, interesting debates took place on various topics. All participants expressed their gratitude to the entire CACTLE ERASMUS + team and for participating in such an event, noting that coach Arthur Zotov was able to convey a large amount of information that is easily digested, interesting and easy enough. The organization was held at a high level.

Center Coordinator of  the CACTLE ERASMUS +

Albanbaeva Dzhyldyz Osmonkulovna