Topic Macroeconomics
Title Macroeconomics
Target Group Teachers of Economic subjects
Trainer Erkin Momunov
Learning outcomes After the course the teachers will be able to:


·         Understand the basics of Macroeconomics

·         Understand its indicators

·         Understand and apply them for Kyrgyzstan

Previous knowledge Basic knowledge in Economics, Microeconomics
Description This course is designed specifically for teachers of Economic subjects
Content Chapter I. The system of national accounts and the simple macroeconomic models

1.     Introduction to Macroeconomics

2.     National Income Accounts

3.     Revenues and expenses: Keynesian cross model

4.     Model IS-LM

5.     Economic policy in the IS-LM Model

6.     Open economy: exchange rate arrangements and balance of payments

7.     The IS-LM model for an open economy with an absolute mobility of capital

8.     The IS-LM model for an open economy with imperfect capital mobility

9.     Consumption expenses


Chapter II. Microeconomic rationale for microeconomic models

10.  Investments

11.  Demand for money

12.  Sypply of money


Chapter III. Aggregate demand, aggregate supply and inflation

13.  Aggregate demand and aggregate supply

14.  Fiscal and monetary policy in the AD-AS model under alternative assumptions about the form of aggregate supply curves

15.  Options for stabilization policy

16.  Inflation

17.  Labour market and unemployment


Chapter IV. Economiv Growth

18.  Long-term economic growth: the Solow model

19.  Fiscal policy and public debt

Participants 10 max.
Duration 2 weeks
Location CACTLE Room at the AKSU