Methodology of Teaching Economic Sciences

Topic Model and methods of teaching economic sciences


Title Methodology of Teaching Economic Sciences


Sub-Title Teaching skills
Target Group University, high-school teachers, trainers, students of pedagogical specialties
Trainer Artur Zotov
Learning outcomes –      Get to know Vienna model of teaching

–      Get to know 13 teaching methods

–      Develop teaching skills applying model and methods

Previous knowledge  

No specific previous knowledge required

Description This training will help you develop teaching skills, prepare and deliver your first lesson
Content –      Vienna model

–      Component #1. Introduction

–      Component #2. Information

–      Component #3. Assignment

–      Component #4. Summary

–      13 teaching methods

Participants 30 max.
Duration 12 day
Time 06-08.06.2018

309 room




The trainers of the CACTLE project Zotov Artur started trainings from January 10, 2012 to January 24, 2012 for the teachers of  on “Methodology of Teaching Economic Sciences”.


In KSU it. I.Arabaeva successfully passed trainings and seminars for 30 teachers in the framework of the CACTLE Erasmus + project from 10.01.2018. to 24.01.2018 at the Central Asian Center for Teaching, Education and Entrepreneurship.

Trainings-seminars were conducted by the trainer of the center CACTLE ERASMUS + Zotov Artur Vladimirovich.

This program is designed to improve the teaching competencies of university teachers in the field of economics and business. The training program consisted of the following items;

  1. The Vienna model,
  2. Didactic model
  3. Learning theories. Didactic triangle. The new approach “Constructive support”
  4. Educational tasks
  5. Teambuilding
  6. Small methods of teaching
  7. The inverse class. Online learning system. Mixed training.
  8. Complex methods of teaching
  9. Study of cases
  10. The group project
  11. Field works
  12. Class management
  13. Presentations

At the end of the training a small questionnaire was held among the participants of the training seminar. And  in conclusion, the pro-rector of KSU. I.Arabaeva Konurbaev Tuuganbai Abdyrahmanovich certificates for teachers who successfully passed trainings on the “Methodology of Teaching Economic Sciences” within the framework of the CACTLE ERASMUS + project were awarded.

Download presentation:   CUT for teachers PREZENTATION-VIENNA MODEL Zotov Artur


24.05.2018. At the Institute of Economics and Management, a scientific council was held and international certificates were awarded to teachers who successfully completed training seminars in the framework of the CACTLE ERASMUS + project on the “Methodology of Teaching Economic Sciences” under the CUT program.