Artur Zotov

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Zotov Artur Vladimirovich

Date of birth: June 30 1979

Mobile: +996777681192




1995 – 1998




1998 – 2001




2001 – 2003


Bishkek Humanitarian University

Program: German Philology

Specialty: Interpreter and Teacher of English

American University in Kyrgyzstan

Program: International Comparative Politics

Specialty: International Comparatives Politics specialist


Institute of Humanitarian Knowledge

Program: Interpreters Faculty

Specialty: Interpreter    




December 2015 – present



Global Stock Company Central Asia

Position: Vice president on marketing

Responsibilities: development and execution

of marketing strategy

September 2015 – present TV show Pro$to

Position: author and co-host

Responsibilities: general management of show content, hosting, organization of interviews, looking for and setting up content related partnerships

March 2015 – present Kyrgyz Single Window Project

Position: Marketing and Communication Expert

Responsibilities: assistance with development and implementation of Publicity Assessment and Awareness Raising Plan for State Enterprise “Single Window” on import/export, Kyrgyz Republic

June 2013 – present Bishkek Marketers Club

Position: Founder and main moderator

Responsibilities: seminars moderators’ management, strategy development and execution, search for speakers, venues and audience, projects management, research, trainings.

February 2013 – present International School of Medicine,

Position: Head of Telemedicine department

Responsibilities: technical provision for communication during telemedicine sessions, development of students’ online database, automation of administrative and education processes

September 2011 – 2014

Position: Owner and director

Responsibilities: setup of business processes, clients search, development of marketing strategy, consulting, human resources development, website development and promotion

Author of online course in Russian:

«Basics of advertising»

«Basics of marketing»

«Basics of sales»

«Basics of entrepreneurship»

February 2011 – September 2011 Orient Social Networking

Position: Director

Responsibilities: setup of production office, oversee of start-up grass roots marketing, launch of 4 internet projects

December 2008 – February 2011

Position: Tours consultant, websites developer

Responsibilities: development of websites concepts, engine, design and SEO issues.


September 2007 – December 2008 DENIS’ School

Position: teacher of English

Courses: Market Leader pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate, In-Company intermediate, upper-intermediate, Natural English pre-intermediate, upper-intermediate, In-English basic, International Business intermediate, upper-    intermediate, Target I-II and Freeway

Clients: Intel, LukOil, Home Finance and Credit Bank, Transtelecom, Aton, InBev, Russian Alcohol, Komkor

October 2007 – February 2009 Center of Sexual culture

Position: Director

Responsibilities: general development strategy creation and overseeing, human resources management, website development and promotion.

November 2007 – April 2008 Institute of Television “Ostankino”

Position: Teacher of marketing, ads development and brandin

January 2007 – May 2007 American University in Central Asia

Position: Teacher of Required Course

Course Name: Contemporary Entrepreneurship

Department: Business Administration

March 2004 – December 2006 BoonEx Ltd

Position: Marketing director

Responsibilities: Marketing strategy overseeing, marketing department management, control and development. Educational, professional growth and daily operations issues consulting, assistance to IT director on development ideas and             technologies

Position: IT projects coordinator

Responsibilities: all company IT and web projects overseeing, deadlines set-ups, human resource issues management and progress control.


Position: Sales and marketing manager

Responsibilities: sales team and marketing strategy overseeing, sales techniques, personnel, and conversational strategy development.


Position: Sales specialist for a Dating project

Responsibilities: email correspondence, affiliates management, billing, post sales support.


July 2003 – March 2004 Antalis Intl. Relocations Ltd. Member of Gosselin Group

Position: Sales manager

Responsibilities: email correspondence, packing, papers preparation and partners coordinating.

September 2001 – July 2003 Center for Public Policy
Position: PR coordinator

Responsibilities: PR campaigns organization and development, press relations and partnerships coordinating.

Position: Public Policy program assistant
Responsibilities: program strategy and plan control.

March – September 2000 “Transnet” company
Position: Assistant to head of investment department

Responsibilities: investment opportunities analysis, local businessmen interviewing and consulting.

Position: Head of Language department
Responsibilities: English teachers search, preliminary preparation and organization of English courses.

June 1999 – August 2000 C.A.T. corporation

Position: Guide and interpreter

Responsibilities: assistance in papers preparation and guiding of tourists, sightseeing assistance and oral interpretations.

June – August 1997 Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan, “Step by Step” program
Position: Intern

Responsibilities: assistance to coordinator, database management.

September – December 1996 Silk Road Bible college
Position: Lectures interpreter
Responsibilities: simultaneous translation of lectures.




2012 – present Bishkek Business School

Position: trainer of marketing courses

2012 – present Center for Training and Consulting, Business Academy

Position: trainer of marketing courses

2008 – present Asian Development Bank, Country Mission in Kyrgyzstan.

Position: Interpreter

2008 – present Resource Center for Elderly

Position: Interpreter

2005 – present Center for Public Policy

Position: Interpreter


ADDITIONAL EDUCATION: Training “Project management”

Bishkek – October 2014, Institute of Management Consultants


Seminar “Teaching adults: principles and methods”

Moscow – December 2007, Denis School


Seminar “Modern theories of territories development”, Center for Public Policy

Bishkek – July 2002


Seminar “Social Commercials”, USAID/NRMP

Tashkent – May 2002


Seminar “Role of NGOs in forming public opinion on projects of social services”, USAID/NRMP

Tashkent – May 2002


Seminar “Strategic planning and sustainability”, Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek – March 2002

Seminar “What is Democracy?” Konrad Adenauer Foundation
Bishkek – March 2002

Seminar “Public Policy, Policy Paper” by Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan and Agency of local governance development

Bishkek – September 2001

Seminar “Strategic Planning”, Bulgaria by Open Society Institute, New-York
Sofia – August 1999
Seminar “Program development” by Open Society Institute, New-York
Warsaw – March 1999




Red Jolbors Fest 2014, Bishkek – MC of the festival

Red Jolbors Fest 2013, Bishkek – Moderator of Strategy Talks

Red Jolbors Fest 2012, Bishkek – Speaker on Strategic marketing
March 2008 International Tourism Fair, Moscow

October 2007 International Millionaires Fair, Moscow

August 1997 Karl Popper 3rd International Debate Camp Jurmala, Latvia




April 2000 Regional Parliamentary debate tournament Center of Democratic Education

Summer 1999 5th Summer Forum “Youth of Kyrgyzstan for elective democracy by UNDP Bureau “Gender in Development”
Summer 1998 Summer camp “Big Brothers/Big Sisters” By BBBS program, Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan

May 1998 Student debate tournament Debate program, Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan

September 1998 “Judging debate” seminar by Karl Popper Debate program, Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan




Member of American Marketing Association

Member of Institute of Management Consultants


PERSONAL SKILLS: Computer skills: Advanced

Programming skills: PHP5, MySQL, jQuery, Javascript, AJAX
Language skills: English (fluent), Russian (native)
Hobbies: investment, reading, writing, lecturing